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A feat of some daring this time, possibly foolhardiness, not musically perhaps but let me set the scene.

It is 8.15pm on Wednesday; I have to snatch precious moments to play the piano at the best of times but on the evening in question I am home with sleeping eleven week old daughter whilst my better half (and milk provider for said infant) hastaken the train over to Brighton for Rona's birthday drinks at The Albert.

No milk has been expressed and the piano backs onto the wall of the room containing sleeping baby. I can't not play something though, sitting here after a day at work alone with the piano - the temptation is unendurable and so I do a quick risk assessment of the situation and decide to go ahead and play something which will hopefully not awake the child.

Hence today's more tranquil offering. Every note played aimed to soothe and not to disrupt a sleep. There's hesitancy there for sure and a little fear but no dissonance. Mary doesn't do dissonance yet, unlike her brother who, at that age, was happily nodding off to Faust IV in his carry cot.

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