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This 20 minute thing was recorded today in ye olde citye of Chichester in "Room 11," where resides my favourite Boston baby grand piano. All sorts of things were passing through my tiny mind as I played these six 'movements.' Empathy with Japan, disenchantment at our own media's inability to portray the simple humanity at the basis of our recent protests concerning the selling off of our public services to private companies, the right to demonstrate and also wondering how a country so bent on saving money can spend so much bombing the living shits out of another (not to mention the psychological scarring of those being bombed). One day soon, it'll be us with the bombs raining down and we'll look at each other and say "oooh, that's not FAIR!!" but truth is, it'll be our go. We are the bastards with blood on our hands. Stand up. Protest! Be heard.

Ya see, I do like to break it all up into a digestible format for ya pop munchkins.

Today's piano improvisation occurred in the warmth of humanity. Enjoy!

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